Can we fix it?

It’s ultimately a can-do vibe this week as dual configurations bring both ease and tension. While a harmonious Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune trines the Moon’s Nodes,  a much nastier combo of Mars and Uranus are squaring off. Hopefully these two influences balance each other and bring moderation, however it does feel a bit like a pendulum – thereContinue reading “Can we fix it?”

The Silver Lining

During the height of covid lockdown, when life felt sticky and weighty, I looked forward to the 2022 skies and saw much to be excited about. The heavy outer planet contacts of 2020 and 2021 were fading, and this year (around now) a joining of Jupiter (luck) and Neptune (idealism) promised a dreamy, and wateryContinue reading “The Silver Lining”

Enjoy the ride!

The astrological week ahead for all signs (it’s big!) For months last year, life was like a rollercoaster’s uphill trek. No matter how much we urged ourselves onwards, gravity was against us and life progressed like the frustratingly slow mechanical clack of a rollercoaster’s climb.  We teetered at the top in early Feb – itContinue reading “Enjoy the ride!”

I feel the earth… move…

PLANETARY ENERGIES: October 18-24 Congratulations peeps, we did it! We made it to the end of 2021’s retrograde bonanza. If your life has felt sluggish since April (anywhere from general muck to full quagmire), then it’s time to dust yourself off and reset as both Mercury and Jupiter switch to direct motion and help toContinue reading “I feel the earth… move…”

Ready… set…!

PLANETARY ENERGIES: October 4-10 Wednesday’s New Moon in Libra is a curious mix of energised hope and suppressed rebellion. It reflects current events in Australia, where we’re on the precipice of our ‘new normal’ but with an underlying apprehension around how that’s going to go. What will happen when millions of people return to socialisingContinue reading “Ready… set…!”

I’m a Leo, that’s good, right?

Ask people what they know about astrology and the answer is usually ‘not much’. They may know their sun sign and sometimes their moon or rising sign. For some reason though, the smattering of astrological knowledge stored in people’s brains tends to always be bound up with judgement. Rarely will someone relay their sun signContinue reading “I’m a Leo, that’s good, right?”