Can we fix it?

It’s ultimately a can-do vibe this week as dual configurations bring both ease and tension. While a harmonious Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune trines the Moon’s Nodes,  a much nastier combo of Mars and Uranus are squaring off. Hopefully these two influences balance each other and bring moderation, however it does feel a bit like a pendulum – thereContinue reading “Can we fix it?”

Full Moon Week

If this week’s stars were a celebrity, they would be J-Lo. There’s an interesting strong/soft accessible/inaccessible vibe to the planetary energies that has me humming “Jenny from the Block”. J-Lo seems to be the ultimate combo of illusion/effort/luck and POWER, all wrapped up in a glamorous ‘look at me’ energy that does’t grate or seemContinue reading “Full Moon Week”

The Silver Lining

During the height of covid lockdown, when life felt sticky and weighty, I looked forward to the 2022 skies and saw much to be excited about. The heavy outer planet contacts of 2020 and 2021 were fading, and this year (around now) a joining of Jupiter (luck) and Neptune (idealism) promised a dreamy, and wateryContinue reading “The Silver Lining”

Free Air, baby!

Planetary Energies Feb 7-13, 2022 Finally! This week brings unimpeded momentum and progress, with all the planets in direct motion for the first time since April 2021. Outer planet retrogrades last for months, so they become our ‘new normal’ – we get used to traipsing through the energetic quagmire. So this patch of clear airContinue reading “Free Air, baby!”

The heat is on

Astrology update: Jan 17-23 Is your brain feeling crushed by existential pressure right now? This week has a sense of intensity about it. Rather than it being direct pressure in our life, it feels like more of a reflected pressure – we’re weighed down by our responses to the world. It’s an emotional feedback loopContinue reading “The heat is on”

When Saturn returns…

One of the first concepts that the astrologically-curious often learn about is the ‘Saturn Return’. It’s a planetary life cycle that we all experience at some stage between ages 28-30. And it gets a bad wrap. Google it and you’ll find, “Surviving Saturn’s Return”, “27 things I learned from Surviving my Saturn Return” and “HowContinue reading “When Saturn returns…”

The Love Boat

Planetary Energies: Jan 10-16 Captain Stubing and his crew welcomes you aboard the week of Jan 10-16 – an action packed story of three parts. It’s a week of sunshine, bikinis, cocktails, confusion, miscommunication and petty disagreements before a confronting day trip in Puerto Vallarta. Will we get a happy ending before next Sunday? StayContinue reading “The Love Boat”

Be prepared for Venus Retrograde

Every 18 months, Venus goes ‘retrograde’. It’s a neat visual trick from our vantage point here on earth and it happens in the same five parts of the zodiac over an 8-year cycle. Join the dots between the five retrograde points and you get a pentagram. Yes folks, Venus is the original creator of thatContinue reading “Be prepared for Venus Retrograde”

Are we there yet?

PLANETARY ENERGIES: September 20-26 A full moon dominates the sky this week, spanning the last degrees of Pisces and Virgo. It’s an energised and idealistic tone, which may have you future focused, looking for big changes. Before you race off into the wild blue yonder, take some time to stop and plan. Boring I know,Continue reading “Are we there yet?”

Planetary energies: Sep 13-19

When life doesn’t run smoothly… Ever had the experience of pushing your loaded supermarket trolley to the carpark travellator only to discover that it’s broken? So you’re STUCK with masses of groceries, and no clue where the lift to the carpark is? Then you finally find the lift and exit, only to realise that you can’tContinue reading “Planetary energies: Sep 13-19”