What will you DO?

A ‘silent strength’ vibe permeates this week, with the Moon moving through Pisces on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. This emphasises the Balsamic Moon Phase with the Moon’s light fading, leaving us enveloped by the black night sky. This is wet energy, and the forecast here on the East Coast of OZ is reflecting that. Things step up onContinue reading “What will you DO?”

Enjoy the ride!

The astrological week ahead for all signs (it’s big!) For months last year, life was like a rollercoaster’s uphill trek. No matter how much we urged ourselves onwards, gravity was against us and life progressed like the frustratingly slow mechanical clack of a rollercoaster’s climb.  We teetered at the top in early Feb – itContinue reading “Enjoy the ride!”

Astro headlines Nov 1-7

Feeling agitated? Keen to get life moving? This week’s Balsamic Moon phase keeps us feeling stuck until Friday, when a Scorpio New Moon shoots us into the new month with all guns blazing. This New Moon is NOT all sweet and lovely. There are upsets, tensions and inflamed emotions. All of which keeps us fromContinue reading “Astro headlines Nov 1-7”