What will you DO?

A ‘silent strength’ vibe permeates this week, with the Moon moving through Pisces on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. This emphasises the Balsamic Moon Phase with the Moon’s light fading, leaving us enveloped by the black night sky. This is wet energy, and the forecast here on the East Coast of OZ is reflecting that. Things step up onContinue reading “What will you DO?”

Full Moon Week

If this week’s stars were a celebrity, they would be J-Lo. There’s an interesting strong/soft accessible/inaccessible vibe to the planetary energies that has me humming “Jenny from the Block”. J-Lo seems to be the ultimate combo of illusion/effort/luck and POWER, all wrapped up in a glamorous ‘look at me’ energy that does’t grate or seemContinue reading “Full Moon Week”

I feel the earth… move…

PLANETARY ENERGIES: October 18-24 Congratulations peeps, we did it! We made it to the end of 2021’s retrograde bonanza. If your life has felt sluggish since April (anywhere from general muck to full quagmire), then it’s time to dust yourself off and reset as both Mercury and Jupiter switch to direct motion and help toContinue reading “I feel the earth… move…”

Take action with the Virgo New Moon

You don’t need to be a fully-fledged, purple-wearing pagan in order to find joy in watching the cycles of nature. The ebb and flow of the yearly seasons and the monthly moon phases can keep us living with mindfulness and meaning. Taking note of, and living with, the Moon cycle is a simple way toContinue reading “Take action with the Virgo New Moon”