Clarity and fresh starts

ASTRO HEADLINES: Nov 29 – Dec 5 This week brings an interesting mix of clarity and dreams, as we wind down this lunar cycle and welcome a Solar Eclipse on Saturday night. A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon on steroids – a fresh starting point and a chance to reset in a particular areaContinue reading “Clarity and fresh starts”

I feel the earth… move…

PLANETARY ENERGIES: October 18-24 Congratulations peeps, we did it! We made it to the end of 2021’s retrograde bonanza. If your life has felt sluggish since April (anywhere from general muck to full quagmire), then it’s time to dust yourself off and reset as both Mercury and Jupiter switch to direct motion and help toContinue reading “I feel the earth… move…”

Enjoy the inflight entertainment

PLANETARY ENERGIES: Sep 27 – Oct 3 This week we’re on a plane, circling above Sydney Airport in a holding pattern. The messaging from the pilot is probably changing a bit (… slight delay… waiting for instructions… could be another 10 minutes… etc etc) BUT ITS ALL FINE, because not only is it sunset andContinue reading “Enjoy the inflight entertainment”

Are we there yet?

PLANETARY ENERGIES: September 20-26 A full moon dominates the sky this week, spanning the last degrees of Pisces and Virgo. It’s an energised and idealistic tone, which may have you future focused, looking for big changes. Before you race off into the wild blue yonder, take some time to stop and plan. Boring I know,Continue reading “Are we there yet?”

Planetary energies: Sep 13-19

When life doesn’t run smoothly… Ever had the experience of pushing your loaded supermarket trolley to the carpark travellator only to discover that it’s broken? So you’re STUCK with masses of groceries, and no clue where the lift to the carpark is? Then you finally find the lift and exit, only to realise that you can’tContinue reading “Planetary energies: Sep 13-19”

Planetary energies Sept 6-12, 2021.

This week is a delicious three course meal… For APPETISERS, we’ve got a Virgo new moon on Tuesday, perfect for intention setting, spring cleaning and deciding on what goals you still want to achieve in the remaining four months of this year. It might bring the unexpected, with some revelations around what it is youContinue reading “Planetary energies Sept 6-12, 2021.”

Planetary energies – Aug 30 – Sep 5 – Making a splash!

Is my heading a bit obscure this week? I’m cracking an ASTROLOGY JOKE, so it’s funny for about 0.000075% of the population, so let me explain… if you look at the attached chart, you can see that all the planets are generally scattered around the wheel, without any major conjunctions (JARGON WATCH – that’s planetsContinue reading “Planetary energies – Aug 30 – Sep 5 – Making a splash!”