Planetary Energies this week…

Unlike conventional sun-sign columns, I don’t cover each sign every week. Why? I focus on specifics, bringing less regular but more relevant info to each sign. If you’re not mentioned this week, be patient and enjoy the peace – your time will come 🙂

𝗣𝗟𝗔𝗡𝗘𝗧𝗔𝗥𝗬 𝗘𝗡𝗘𝗥𝗚𝗜𝗘𝗦: 𝗔𝘂𝗴𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝟮𝟯 – 𝟮𝟵: 𝗜𝘁’𝘀 𝗮 𝗵𝗼𝗸𝗲𝘆 𝗽𝗼𝗸𝗲𝘆 𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗱 𝗼𝗳 𝘄𝗲𝗲𝗸…
How did you go with last night’s Aquarius Full Moon? For me it was like the Technotronic pumped-up special, with Jupiter adding a hyper-colour, slightly crazed vibe. My brain buzzed until the wee hours, letting sleep come in just as the stupid cat went crazy and the first birds chirped. Today is a coffee-slurping Full Moon hangover, stuck firmly in Pisces territory – it’s ponderous, emotional and feeling slightly unbalanced. Not helped here in Sydney by odd August winds and week 9 of lockdown. And this erratic theme continues all week – the Sun has shifted into Virgo, so today feels distinctly different to yesterday. Mars-like, purposeful energy arrives mid week, but it’s clouded by confusing interactions with others and there’s a litany of intense information and strong opinions.
With all these outer planets retrograde, it feels hard to stay on track. Add ‘re’ to specific planet descriptors and we can see that the next couple of months involve themes like reawakening, reorganising, recreating and relearning. It’s time to stick a foot in, and out, shake it all about, and try to keep your balance.

Virgo (Aug 23-29) – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
There’s an interesting year ahead Virgos. You’re at a crossroads and this turning point has your energised brain, buzzing. There’s some kind of tussle between sensible and structured versus creative and idealistic. As an earth sign, you’re familiar with practical and as a mutable sign, you’re good with shifting and readjusting yourself, so this feels like a battle that can end well. All inspiration and art needs boundaries within which to grow. Just make sure you keep any self-criticism constructive and fabulous outcomes should be possible.

Sagittarius (all of you)
Your ruling planet Jupiter, is trying its best to keep you positive, but you may be feeling a bit more blah than usual. The energy for you this week is kind of like when you’re running late and you’re zooming in your car, trying your best to be on time, but constantly copping red lights. It’s stop/start. The good news? There’s grit and determination available to you right now, so it’s a good week to tackle tasks that you ordinarily couldn’t be bothered with.

Aquarius (those born Jan 22 – Feb 5)
The sense of vague possibility continues this week. Venus is sending a softening dose of harmony, which may feel welcoming in the midst of your continuing struggles. Your ruling planets are both under stress, and continuing to issue you with the challenge to sort your life out and get back on track. The good news, is that the energy around you is giving you the resources you need to sort your life out and get back on track, so WINNING.

Gemini (those born May 23 – June 4)
Your may feel a little more determined and energised this week as opportunities open up. If something looks exciting and expansive in your world, then don’t overthink it, TAKE ACTION. Just a caveat… it needs to be taking you in a direction that you think fulfils you life purpose in some way. Big call, right? But the nodal energy surrounding you, is realigning you somehow with people or situations that are fated to move you forward in more satisfying ways. Keep your eyes open.

Have a great week!

PLANETARY ENERGIES: August 16 – 22: Buy yourself a bunch of flowers (we’re home for a while)….

I won’t beat around the bush this week. Uranus, the planet who rules the collective, technology, progressive ideas and freedom, turns retrograde on Wednesday. Don’t panic, it happens each year, for many months, so we’ve done this before. HOWEVER, this has been the last of the outer planets still in a direct motion, while all the others have been toddling backwards through the sky, throwing us all into a heavier ‘been here, done that’ vibe. From Wednesday, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde, so I wouldn’t expect any reprieve from our current depressing global Covid situation for a while.

Life is one long rolling flux of good times/bad times and true resilience is developing the tools that help you personally survive the difficult bits. For me, astrology is one of those tools. It shows me that while life can seriously suck sometimes, nothing is forever. Everything cycles and changes and this will too. Just not for a few more weeks. We can expect an easing of this heavy tone in mid October when Saturn, then Jupiter (both very prominent planets during the first Covid wave) regain some forward momentum and life might start feeling a whole lot brighter.

In the mean time, on a micro level, life can still be great! We woke up today! Flowers are pretty! Donuts taste gooooood. Coffee will always be there for you. It’s all about perspective, and finding the special moments in your world.


Leo (Aug 16-22)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Especially to my glorious sister, Jenny Blume astrology & feng shui )
There is a fated sense of inner power this year. Midweek birthday folks can benefit from a productive year where goals seem extremely attainable and your work ethic matches your natural enthusiasm. Venus has just shifted into Libra and this brings a very welcome, generous and aesthetic tone. Romance could happen, but there’s a solid dose of a feminist grunt, so you won’t be taking any bullshit. Go for it this year and get your needs met.

Libra (All of you)
While the world goes to hell all around you, you can breathe a sigh of relief as your ruling planet, Venus, comes for her annual visit. It’s a position of blessings and joy. You can take your foot off the accelerator and just cruise for a bit. Later in the week you’ve got a moment of emotional clarity that might help you get excited about everything that’s going on right now. Remember – don’t be scared of asserting yourself in order to get what you want. You’re allowed.

Scorpio (those born November 3-14)
Uranus is currently sitting opposite in the sky, strongly impacting you. For months you may have experienced a person near you being a little unpredictable and events taking challenging turns. This week may be a pinchpoint, with either you or them wanting a little more power and liberation. Scorpios can be known for digging their heels in, and actually right now, staying steady and calm could be helpful. Stay strong for whoever needs you to be their rock.

Capricorn (those born Jan 14 – Jan 21)
While scuffles have been breaking out around you, you’ve been steadily working through some big issues that don’t seem to shift, despite your best efforts. There’s good news this week as your continued work might finally hit a sweet spot. A pathway forward or a fresh approach may present itself. Loosen your grip on life just enough to allow a bit of inspiration and creativity. Capricorns get bad press for being ‘practical’ but I like to call them magical ‘manifestors’. You guys make stuff happen, and the stars this week totally support that.

Aquarius (All of you)
Yes Aquarius, I’m talking to you again this week. In fact I might just hold your hand for a few weeks to come. Uranus rules Aquarius, so the retrograde motion is another factor squishing you, causing restlessness and a sense of going backwards. There’s good news this week though. A fresh moment of illumination might give you a hint of opportunity, or a moment of luck might give you the faith you need to feel reinvigorated. Emotions might take over towards next weekend, but I’d encourage you to go with them, as they may offer you a moment of happiness and sense of purpose.

Taurus (those born Apr 29 – May 10)
Uranus is hovering overhead right now, causing restlessness and a yearning for liberation that might seem a little frightening. She’s known as the ‘great awakener’ and this week she offers you a chance to revisit recent events. Not only that, she’s holding a feminine healing power that can be unleashed with either devastating or enriching results. How you use this divine inner energy is 100% up to you, so try your best to think twice and leap once.

Have a great week!

(PS – No, I don’t cover each sign every week. Why? I focus on specifics, bringing less regular but more relevant info to each sign. If you’re not mentioned this week, be patient and enjoy the peace – your time will come 🙂 )

PLANETARY ENERGIES: August 9 – 15, 2021: What lies beneath….

On the surface, this week is benign and sunny. Any new moon disquiet will shift into a dreamy mid-week, with a romantic atmosphere taking hold. Perhaps it’s the turn in the weather – Spring flowers are on the way and we might feel compelled to skip in fields and pluck bouquets. How lovely! But as the week goes on, an unsettled vibe returns – the compulsion to find joy might shift into a more obsessive tone. The energy to drive life forward could collide with a realisation that you’ve underestimated someone, or glossed over a detail in a relationship that really needed to be examined. And before the bouquet can even start to droop, we might be feeling a whole lot more irritable and find ourselves nagging both others and ourselves. Soothe your self-talk and calm your busy brain next weekend. Journaling or meditation might provide interesting (and surprising) insights about which part of your life you need to focus on over the next few months.     


Leo (Aug 9-15)
A restless itch may have you scratching at life and overthinking it somewhat this year. You sense a utopia is out there but it’s somehow just out of reach. Early week birthday-folks may experience a more fated series of events as you chase this perfection. Later week folks have a more mellow and easier year ahead. You get the rush of Libra Moon energy, putting more emphasis on relationships and others – it can balance your Leo ‘me first’ energy nicely and help others to enjoy your generous and devoted nature. If you birthday is next weekend, then be prepared for some unexpected and intense moments over the coming year. 

Virgo (All of you)
Another active week in Virgo-land as your sign-ruler, Mercury, joins the party, ramping up the mental energy. There’s an alignment between what you think and feel you want, and how you decide to go about getting it. And while a rush of intense energy has you feeling pretty darn great and ready to take charge of life, beware. There’s the strong possibility that you’re missing a key detail right now. Someone may not be what they seem, or they might be omitting something relevant that you really need to know about. Dig down before moving forward.

Scorpio (those born Oct 24 – Nov 9)
The intensity of the mid-week energy feels like a comfortable glove for you guys. Your tendency to dig down into matters will be satisfied as opportunities arise for really good information gathering and analysis. There’s the chance that something unexpected may crop up – perhaps financial. If you can, avoid black & white thinking around an issue and seek out opportunity in any fresh set of circumstances.

Sagittarius (those born Nov 23 – Dec 3)
In some ways life may have just been plodding on lately, but can you sense the earth starting to shake? Like a tribe of Indians coming over the horizon in old Western films, you can hear the hooves and know that something is about to go down. Chances are that you are feeling some frustration and pressure as life rearranges itself around you. This is fated-style energy and all you can do is go with it. Something in your core-self or life needs to be edited and let go of. Luckily your naturally optimistic nature will have you making lemonade out of any lemons that may get thrown your way.  

Gemini (those born May 22 – June 10)
Your usual curiosity and playfulness takes a more agitated turn this week as worry creeps into your mindset. There’s a sense that you’re about to hit a turning point and indeed, you are. Any big events that began in mid-June will be triggered now. There’s a sense that the story can be properly finalised now, as better life directions present themselves. The best news? Life looks interesting and that should appeal to your thirsty mind and restless nature. 

Aquarius (those born Jan 28-Feb 6)
Poor Aquarius – you’re getting a weekly mention at the moment and usually around themes like delays, difficulties and frustration. Why? Stinky Saturn is reversing over you right now, adding a sense of ‘reckoning’ around who you are and what your life is. This process takes most of the year, but should ease a little by the end of October. Just hold steady until then. Take time to reconsider and restructure your life so that you can cope with whatever comes your way. Just keep on hanging in there. The planets don’t stay forever, and neither will this restrictive tone. 

Have a great week!

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