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“Is this it?” Welcome to the midlife crisis

Since reading this article in Sunday Life magazine, I’ve been back pondering  the ‘mid-life crisis’. This story is the perfect illustration of the “I wasn’t living my truest truth” crisis, accompanied by the insistent and urgent need to CHANGE EVERYTHING.  People worldwide enter their 40s, become bewildered and hit a brick wall. The traditional ‘midContinue reading ““Is this it?” Welcome to the midlife crisis”

Is Pluto a planet?

Back in 2006, scientists in the International Astronomical Union reclassified what it meant to be a ‘planet’. Suddenly, Pluto was redefined into this new category of ‘dwarf planet’. Cynical fingers were pointed at astrologers as if to say, ‘SEE! You’re all frauds and nonsense, reading charts with planets that aren’t even planets! etc etc’. It’sContinue reading “Is Pluto a planet?”


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