Is Pluto a planet?

Back in 2006, scientists in the International Astronomical Union reclassified what it meant to be a ‘planet’. Suddenly, Pluto was redefined into this new category of ‘dwarf planet’. Cynical fingers were pointed at astrologers as if to say, ‘SEE! You’re all frauds and nonsense, reading charts with planets that aren’t even planets! etc etc’. It’sContinue reading “Is Pluto a planet?”

Guess these celebrity north nodes

The North Node is an interesting little astrological point that seems to have had a revival in recent years. Whilst always hugely important to astrologers, it’s become more prominent amongst the general public since Jan Spiller’s ‘Astrology for the Soul’ explained in simple terms how meaningful it can be. Rather than being a physical objectContinue reading “Guess these celebrity north nodes”

Mercury Retrograde laughs at political elections

Astrologers have mixed results when predicting the outcomes of presidential elections. Most tend towards progressive thinking, so it’s pretty hard to put your hopes aside enough to see things neutrally. This ensured most got it wrong in 2016 with few predicting a Trump victory. For the 2020 election, most erred on the side of caution,Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde laughs at political elections”

What is astrology?

When I tell people I’m an astrologer, the first response I usually get is… well… silence (with a slight head nod for politeness). Most people know nothing about astrology and are genuinely baffled about what to say next. In our modern scientific world, very little is known or understood about what astrology is or whatContinue reading “What is astrology?”