How long will Covid last?

Astrology is a tricky business, and these days astrologers resist ‘predictions’. Instead, we like to ‘forecast’ the astrological weather – identifying upcoming planetary interactions and speculating on how they may manifest. Most have the potential for both good and bad outcomes. In 2020, the outcomes DID indeed look bad – astrologers were united in thisContinue reading “How long will Covid last?”

Your Christmas Horoscope

December 20, 2021 -January 3, 2022 Two big planetary configurations colour this Christmas – Venus/Pluto and Saturn/Uranus. I’ve discussed these previously so here I’ll focus on good ol’ Sun Sign astrology for the next fortnight. Before I clock off for pina coladas and getting caught in the rain (thanks La Nina) – a huge thanksContinue reading “Your Christmas Horoscope”

A Covid Christmas?

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Covid Christmas.. I’ve watched the recent return to ‘freedom’ with a bit of trepidation. Sometimes being an astrologer can be a bit of a pain. Like now, for example, when the world has been going ‘yay! freedom!’, but the stars have been saying, ‘hang on, we’re notContinue reading “A Covid Christmas?”

Be prepared for Venus Retrograde

Every 18 months, Venus goes ‘retrograde’. It’s a neat visual trick from our vantage point here on earth and it happens in the same five parts of the zodiac over an 8-year cycle. Join the dots between the five retrograde points and you get a pentagram. Yes folks, Venus is the original creator of thatContinue reading “Be prepared for Venus Retrograde”

Clarity and fresh starts

ASTRO HEADLINES: Nov 29 – Dec 5 This week brings an interesting mix of clarity and dreams, as we wind down this lunar cycle and welcome a Solar Eclipse on Saturday night. A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon on steroids – a fresh starting point and a chance to reset in a particular areaContinue reading “Clarity and fresh starts”

Your past catches up with you…

Over the last 24 hours, the Sun and South Node have enjoyed a little meetup at 1 degree Sagittarius. The South Node is part of the nodal axis (exactly 180 degrees opposite the North Node), where the Sun and Moon’s paths cross. It’s an empty point in the sky, rather than a physical planet, soContinue reading “Your past catches up with you…”

Eclipse season begins!

Astro Headlines – Nov 15-21 Building in intensity, this week is caffeinated with a triple shot macchiato, building to the Taurus Lunar Eclipse on Friday night (8pm AEST). It’s a high energy week, full of confidence and physical motivation. But also present is a soft-heartedness that might see you eager to fix any past hurts.Continue reading “Eclipse season begins!”

Astro headlines Nov 1-7

Feeling agitated? Keen to get life moving? This week’s Balsamic Moon phase keeps us feeling stuck until Friday, when a Scorpio New Moon shoots us into the new month with all guns blazing. This New Moon is NOT all sweet and lovely. There are upsets, tensions and inflamed emotions. All of which keeps us fromContinue reading “Astro headlines Nov 1-7”

I feel the earth… move…

PLANETARY ENERGIES: October 18-24 Congratulations peeps, we did it! We made it to the end of 2021’s retrograde bonanza. If your life has felt sluggish since April (anywhere from general muck to full quagmire), then it’s time to dust yourself off and reset as both Mercury and Jupiter switch to direct motion and help toContinue reading “I feel the earth… move…”

Ready… set…!

PLANETARY ENERGIES: October 4-10 Wednesday’s New Moon in Libra is a curious mix of energised hope and suppressed rebellion. It reflects current events in Australia, where we’re on the precipice of our ‘new normal’ but with an underlying apprehension around how that’s going to go. What will happen when millions of people return to socialisingContinue reading “Ready… set…!”