What will you DO?

A ‘silent strength’ vibe permeates this week, with the Moon moving through Pisces on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. This emphasises the Balsamic Moon Phase with the Moon’s light fading, leaving us enveloped by the black night sky. This is wet energy, and the forecast here on the East Coast of OZ is reflecting that.

Things step up on Friday with a strong, positive New Moon (April 1st, 5.24pm AEST). This is no April fools! This is an Aries New Moon that calls you to explore, take risks, find your courage and autonomy. It’s an EXCELLENT chance for intention and goal setting. Even if you’re no fan of woo-woo, I’d encourage you to take time out and ponder exactly where it is your life is heading, and what you want from the next 12 months. In lucky timing, it coincides with Friday Night Wine time, so crack your chardy with a bit more purpose this week.

Assisting this is Mercury’s move into Aries, drying out our thinking and communication. It’s far more forthright, leaving you able to say what’s on your mind. Had thoughts stewing in recent weeks? Now is the time to get stuff off your chest, to share your new plan or contemplate how to go about getting what you want. There’s opportunity to feel optimistic about healing, dedicate yourself to a group or cause and to create plans with ‘wow’ factor. Thinking outside the box will be rewarded.

The current planetary energy remains intense, with everything grouped between the North and South Nodes – the Vedic Astrologers call this Kaal Sarpa – it’s not an easy time – but it is industrious, and gives us huge opportunities to consider where it is we want to go. So grab hold with two hands this week, plot your course and get something underway.

Special Mentions

If you’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts, this is the week where everything will turn around. After Thursday, it’s ARIES time. Dust yourself off (or grab a towel and dry yourself off) and look to the future. Get back in touch with your natural potential for risk-taking and strength.

By the end of last year new opportunities were starting to form. Recent weeks may have seen you feeling deflated, but with Mercury’s move into Aries, it’s time to step back up to the plate and keep going. Leave the self-doubt behind and reconnect with your original inspiration.

This New Moon is powerful and falls opposite your sunsign, forcing you to confront any areas of life where you defer too much to other people. It’s time to embrace your own inner boldness and develop a bit more self-reliance. Partners may be a bit tetchy.

Aquarius (and to a lesser extent, Capricorn)
Both signs are ruled by Saturn, who currently sits sandwiched between Mars and Venus. Pay attention to what you WANT at the moment and then act with the Martian boost of energy that is encouraging you to actually go for it and DO something. You have some interesting weeks coming up – a real crossroads point where you are being asked to choose between your past and your future. Prepare.

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