Can we fix it?

It’s ultimately a can-do vibe this week as dual configurations bring both ease and tension. While a harmonious Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune trines the Moon’s Nodes,  a much nastier combo of Mars and Uranus are squaring off. Hopefully these two influences balance each other and bring moderation, however it does feel a bit like a pendulum – there might be moment at either end of the scale that gets a bit out of control.

So one end is positive, with powerful thinking, transformative ideas and communication that inspires and has the potential to enthuse people (think Zelensky rallying the Ukrainians). This plays out all week and has the potential to be really uplifting for our spirits and minds.

The other end of the pendulum is the challenge of combative Mars taking on volatile Uranus. This peaks on Wednesday, but the whole week has the prospect of violence. Together these planets can be explosions, accidents and surprise fighting. I wouldn’t expect any successful peace negotiations this week.

Perhaps we see something a bit shocking mid-week that triggers the positive, progressive ways of thinking and idealistic dreams of a better way of doing things. Because the weekend brings a Capricorn Moon into the mix, which is pragmatic and practical. The sky looks increasingly ‘can do’ by then, which hopefully brings a sense of opportunity and revelation. 

And all this is underscored by our continued race ahead – this week’s energy continues to be dynamic and unimpeded. If you can see the middle ground and focus on the future, anything feels possible.

Can we fix it? Yes, we can. 

Special mentions:

Happy Birthday folks – the next week brings an extra bit of grunt to your already determined modus operandi. There may be agitation around motives, or the sense that a situation is being unacceptably irritating. Try to keep calm and avoid getting caught up into conflict. Although it’s tempting to just lash out to get things how you want them, remember that ultimately things will go better when everyone is cooperating.

Enjoy this week – it’s a culmination of sorts, with some of your recent dreaminess being channeled into new ideas, solid schemes and optimistic plans. There’s inspiration aplenty. It may be worth sharing all of this with a practical friend who can help to fine tune things and bring in a dose of reality.

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