The Silver Lining

As they say… every cloud has one…

During the height of covid lockdown, when life felt sticky and weighty, I looked forward to the 2022 skies and saw much to be excited about. The heavy outer planet contacts of 2020 and 2021 were fading, and this year (around now) a joining of Jupiter (luck) and Neptune (idealism) promised a dreamy, and watery release of energy that would leave us all connected and inspired.

The March planetary energy looked intense and dynamic, with the planets all clustered together. It seemed likely to be a time of renewed action, galvanising ideas and no impediments.

And here’s the problem with astrological forecasting. I was kind of right. But the blissful future I hoped for just hasn’t manifested. Yet.

There has, indeed, been a lot of water since the Sun entered Pisces on Feb 19. Too much. Everywhere. Energetically, Piscean themes of empathy and emotion have gushed forth in ways that have connected us together around the world. It is a highly stimulating, action-filled time. With no impediments, things are flowing. Floodwaters are flowing, as are refugees, bombs, our emotions and grief. As a result, the world feels unstable underfoot.

What I hadn’t anticipated was the potential anxiety that this energy could bring. That too much isn’t always better. It can be both literally and figuratively overwhelming.

But let’s look past the immediate sense of disquiet. Still yourself. In your heart, do you feel hope? Do you see people coming together? There is vitality and spirit as people group, dreaming of transforming into to a better world. Whether you’re volunteering to clear flood debris, nursing covid patients, sending money to refugees or just sitting with strong emotions, there is a concentration of ideas and thoughts, driven by a faith that we can progress to a better future. And it will be achieved by alliances of people, coming together in a Jupiter/Neptunian way over the next month or so, bringing their optimism and dreams, and certainty that karma and justice in the world will prevail.

Special mentions:

Venus and Mars have entered your sign, bringing several weeks of renewed enthusiasm and physical energy. If you’ve been feeling a bit exhausted, they’ll be the tonic that gets you back on your feet and out the door. Those of you born Feb 9-17 may sense a turning point – lean into it, question your current goals and reset them where needed.

Pisces (all of you, especially those born March 9-16)
Pisces energy is everywhere right now. Spirit and vitality is pouring into your sign and there’s a fresh inspiration that may trigger unexpected actions. Your usual empathy and compassion can lead the way for others, and your natural sense that all will be well, is backed by a determination and ability to take action that can truly tap into your altruistic core. This week, be you, and show the rest of us what a better future looks like.

Early week brings an emotional edge with the moon triggering Uranus and the North Node in your sign. You’ve got some extra sensitivity and almost psychic-type energy available Monday/Tuesday, so tap in and see what insights you can discover. Definitely go with your gut.

Trying to keep everything under control is tough when the world seems to be constantly shifting. This week, focus on finding the ‘sanity line’ in your busy brain. Be attentive to details and take action where needed, but also understand that there’s a lot that you need to just let go of. Go with the flow, and be guided by partners or close friends. Try to release your anxiety and find acceptance.

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