Enjoy the ride!

The astrological week ahead for all signs (it’s big!)

For months last year, life was like a rollercoaster’s uphill trek. No matter how much we urged ourselves onwards, gravity was against us and life progressed like the frustratingly slow mechanical clack of a rollercoaster’s climb. 

We teetered at the top in early Feb – it was like that terrifying pause before…


Down we fly, and boy-oh-boy, can you feel the wind in your hair? Have you lost your stomach?

We are now very much zooming down the slope – it’s a thrilling and slightly petrifying alignment of planets that only gets more extreme as this week goes on.

Thursday sees a truly astonishing collection of aspects – Venus/Mars/Pluto collide bringing intensity to our desires and action. We may feel obsessive and unable to settle ourselves down.

Mercury meets up with Saturn, frustrating us in some way, or at least stripping back our ability to see the funny side of circumstances. 

Pisces plays host to the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune – an extreme mishmash of watery energy that matches perfectly with the East Coast Floods and West Coast covid surge.

A new Moon on Thursday at 4.35am (AEST) is a focal point for all this crazy. It signifies the start of a few months with the planets mostly bundled within a third of the zodiac (in Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces). It’s a determined, blinkered energy that ensures direct, unbridled progress to your goals – be them noble or not – remember this downhill rush is pushing us all to action, whether you’re Mary from Minto, Vladimir from Moscow or all the poor people of Ukraine.

Such momentum, and a cluster of Pisces energy means things might be whizzing by a bit too fast. Expect to feel a little breathless and shellshocked by events as they rapidly unfold.

Your ruler, Mars, meets up with Pluto this week, right on the New Moon. It’s a restart, but one born from adversity. It’s time to ditch whatever isn’t working – you can’t get it back on track – you have to find a different path forwards. For those of you in tune with the rising energetic wave, it’s time to grab that surfboard, harness the power and have the ride of your life.

Such rapid events may have you feeling the need to urgently take charge of something – but there’s a confusion to your motivations and lack of clarity around what you should do next. If feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to retreat for a breather, cup of tea and a lovely piece of cake. Creating some space will allow new clarity to emerge.

You know there’s stuff to do, but a haziness is blocking you. Maybe the situation isn’t as you first thought and you’re reeling a little, trying to figure out the truth. Sit tight until after Thursday’s New Moon. There’s more clarity from Friday, with good potential for tweaking plans.

This is an inspired New Moon for you. You’re more aligned with the current energy than many others. Your may be filled with inspiration this week – your sensitivity and compassion is on high alert and your imagination is working overtime. Dreams that seem to have messages, may actually have messages… 🙂 … pay attention to them.

Beware picky people picking arguments with you this week Peter Pepper. All you’re trying to do is live your life, but somehow groups of people are demanding answers and details. They expect you to be clear on your goals and need to see your action plan about how your actions will work. Downers! It’s a challenge for sure, but pretend picky pains pursue plans proposing progress. (They’re actually being helpful). 

There’s a dual influence hovering over you this week. There’s a good dose of purposeful, empowered energy, but then also a sense that opportunities are evaporating before you can grasp hold of them. The truth will lie somewhere in between. Grab what you can, and don’t fret about the rest.

Guess what? You guys are all good this week. Sure, there’s a surge of energy and you’ll hopefully feel more empowered and purposeful than usual. But it feels completely useful, without some of the confrontations that the other signs are experiencing. So enjoy yourself this week, be a good friend and pour everyone else a drink.

The extremely intense, high energy levels of this week may leave you feeling particularly emotional and teetering on the brink. Your compulsive nature may rear its head and you may not have the usual checks and balances to keep things under control. Try to enjoy this surge of strength, but not inflict it too strongly on others.

Another group who benefits this week, with your ruler, Jupiter, well placed and enjoying some inspiration and creativity. Your innate optimism is justified – it’s a classic, ‘put your trust in the universe and remember that the world is an abundant place’ vibe. Dream big, take risks, seek joy.

There is SO much energy in your sign this week that you may be tripping over yourself, trying to produce results in all parts of your life simultaneously. It is a great week for being effective and harnessing this power surge. If several weeks of this influence have left you exhausted, remember that it will pass soon, so take that multivitamin and march on.

It’s a good week to edit and pick apart the structures of your life and plans for the future, to ensure that they have long-term viability. Be critical your current path – is it really in your highest good? Avoid a future of ‘darn, I SHOULD have done that’. Listen to your inner truth.

The New Moon in Pisces on Thursday spotlights you, bringing fresh starts and new opportunities. With so much energy around you this week, and your sponge-like ability to soak it all up, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Use grounding techniques to centre yourself, talk to friends, and create some kind of framework that allows you to be strong enough harness these endless possibilities. Enjoy!

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