Let’s very much hope that somewhere around the world tomorrow, someone will give birth to twins, who will grow up, forever filling in forms with the birthdate of 22.2.22. How satisfying! Will they write loopy or sharp 2’s? Graphologists (who study handwriting) claim that writers of the loopy 2 are crap with money, whilst our sharp 2’d friends are precise and orderly, likely to have (and follow) a budget. Which are you?

Numerologists are also excited by this week’s 2-fest. They associate the number with relationships, feminine forces, intuition, sensitivity and intuition. All very Pisces season, which we moved into last Saturday.

Astrologers find ‘2’ more difficult. ‘2’ cuts the ecliptic in half, producing all the polarities that make life interesting – loud/quiet, night/day, male/female etc. Each zodiac sign has a polarity sign that contrasts and complements it. For instance Aries is all about ME, polarity Libra is all about US. Polarity aspects across a chart are ‘oppositions’ – they bring challenge and confrontation, usually with others, or just within yourself. They can be a bit exhausting, but also very motivating.

Which brings me to this week’s planetary energies, which are a less agitated and more useful edit of last week’s crazy vibe. It’s a slow build of planets in Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces that peaks around March 3.

Expect to feel the intensity growing as fresh opportunities, inspiration and hope all meld into a lovely week, that has all the momentum of last week, without the scratchiness. With the planets all clustering in the same area of the sky, there are no opposition aspects to rile us up, just the joy of everything working in alignment.

Special mentions:

It’s a really lovely, productive time. Instead of fighting powerful forces, you are channeling them. All roads lead to GREAT. Remember to take your eyes off the prize long enough to see if other opportunities aren’t also presenting themselves. Sometimes deviating from goals can be extremely rewarding.

There’s some lovely focused energy available, to supplement your dreams and to help you manifest reality here on earth. It’s a supercharged year ahead for all Pisceans. Jupiter is giving you all a blessing. This year is the universal ‘get out of jail’ card. Enjoy it.

Scorpios (esp. those born Nov 1-14)
You guys are possibly the least settled this week. There may be some changes over the next few months. Rather than be in denial, start to pre-empt things a bit. What needs to be reassessed? What trimming can you do now? Look for a new job, contact that counsellor, empty out your wardrobe. Be proactive and ride along with the universe. There’s no rush or panic, but it is time to open your eyes.

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