Free Air, baby!

Planetary Energies Feb 7-13, 2022

Finally! This week brings unimpeded momentum and progress, with all the planets in direct motion for the first time since April 2021. Outer planet retrogrades last for months, so they become our ‘new normal’ – we get used to traipsing through the energetic quagmire. So this patch of clear air should feel a little exhilarating. Nothing is stopping us from chasing our dreams, and in fact, all this month we have Venus (our desires) travelling tightly with Mars (our actions), so we can expect a real push to chase down what we’ve been wanting.

After such a tricky time, this period until late April may feel like when you’ve been lugging your bags through the airport and you see a travellator. When you finally reach it and step on, you lose your balance slightly. It takes a moment to readjust to the propulsion, but once you steady yourself, the sensation is great (especially if you’ve told your kids to run alongside and they’re puffing to keep up while you’re just gliding along).

Earth energy and Capricorn dominates, so it’s likely to be concrete goals that we strive for. It’s a good manifesting week. Work with the energy decisively and create the opportunities you need. Pluto is also in there creating an obsessive, urgent quality. There’s been plenty of ‘thinking’ time over recent months. Grab those discarded ‘to-do’ lists from early last year, dust them off and get going.

Special mentions:

Aquarius (if your birthday is this week)
It’s a power year ahead. You have the ability to express your life mission and have faith that the goals you’re chasing are not only possible, but are your RIGHT. Much can be accomplished.

Taurus (esp those of you born Apr 27 – May 6)
Tuesday/Wednesday this week brings some rich, constructive energy that allows you a bit more courage than usual. Tap into your dreams for inspiration and don’t be afraid to think big. Things may be feeling a little topsy turvy and its time to settle into any new realisations about who you are and what you can achieve.

Capricorns (all of you)
There’s an increasing tension and desire forming in the core of your being. Your mind might feel like it’s in overdrive with all sorts of impulses and desires whipping you into a bit of a frenzy. Step back and use your pragmatic, ruthless side to help sift through everything as systematically as you can. Goals are achievable this month and you are incredibly powerful, so long as you can stay in control.

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