The heat is on

Astrology update: Jan 17-23

Is your brain feeling crushed by existential pressure right now? This week has a sense of intensity about it. Rather than it being direct pressure in our life, it feels like more of a reflected pressure – we’re weighed down by our responses to the world. It’s an emotional feedback loop that can feel mucky and difficult to dislodge. 

The full moon (exact Tuesday late morning) brings Pluto into the mix – highlighting our secrets and forcing us to confront them. At the same time, Mercury and Uranus are squaring off, bringing a restlessness and agitation that adds to things feeling uncomfortable. 

Mercury has just gone retrograde and Uranus is just readying itself to end its retrograde, bringing a mix of wanted and unwanted disruption that impacts your thinking, communication and immediate plans. Expect tech problems.

The good part of this week is that these larger, unavoidable influences can be used to your advantage. There’s the potential for you to really unearth yourself, to think in unexpected ways that you usually might consider ‘taboo’. Ask yourself the deepest questions and seek the most truthful answers to your current dilemmas. Breakthroughs are possible – then the only question to ask is ‘am I ready for this truth?’ 

The nodes are shifting to the Taurus/Scorpio axis this week where they’ll stay for 18 months. It’s subtle, but expect a move away from the constant chatter and debating of recent times as we move deeper within and get more fixed in our opinions and values.  

Special mentions…

Gemini & Sagittarius (all of you)
Thankfully, the nodes leave your signs this week. How has the last 18 months been for you? Eventful? I’m one of you, and I’ve been through A LOT. We now get to relax a little. Use the next few months to understand where the dust has settled and recalibrate. Things definitely look different. As mutable signs, we’re pretty good at accepting the changes and figuring a way to move forward. We’re naturally ‘agile’, which is lucky.

Scorpio & Taurus (all of you)
The nodes shift into your signs, signally the true start of eclipse season in your signs. Eclipses are wild cards that can bring sudden events, both good and bad. As ‘fixed’ signs, your tendency is to prefer consistency and avoid change. It leads to your reputation for being stubborn. You just need to feel safe and secure. And the nodes are likely to disrupt that. Start getting your mindset ready for the upcoming shifts and then you’ll be able to negotiate them with more wisdom and understanding.

Are you worried about someone at the moment? Perhaps watching out for a loved one who’s doing it tough? Mental health issues? (for both them and you?). This week may bring a culmination and allow you dig into the root of the problems. The next couple of weeks allow for a deep dive that will hopefully switch things into a more positive pathway in February.

The vice grip of life continues for a bit longer. Try to find the empowerment in it as you weather this pressure and reach even further into your core strength. The best diamonds are formed under the most duress. You are finishing your transformation and shinier times lay ahead.

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