The Love Boat

Planetary Energies: Jan 10-16

Captain Stubing and his crew welcomes you aboard the week of Jan 10-16 – an action packed story of three parts. It’s a week of sunshine, bikinis, cocktails, confusion, miscommunication and petty disagreements before a confronting day trip in Puerto Vallarta. Will we get a happy ending before next Sunday? Stay tuned…

So. This week has a bit of TV drama attached. On the one hand there’s energy and action pushing our desires forward and a lovely dose of inspiration arrives thanks to the Sun sextile Neptune. We’re really dreaming that dream and manifesting our hearts out. Uncovering your authenticity will encourage action and it’s a fizzing type of motivation that allows you to skip sleep and meals as you pursue your path. This is the ‘Love Boat’ storyline when you drink your welcome cocktail, catch that sexy stranger’s eye and fall instantly in love.

But on the other hand, Mars square Neptune is causing confusion and frustration. You may feel thwarted as circumstances challenge your big dreams. Interruptions could cause you to lose sight of what you’re fighting for and this all sounds like that Love Boat plot twist when it turns out that you’ve spent the whole cruise unknowingly wooing identical twins and now you don’t know if it’s Bob or Rob you slept with and…. 

What I’m really trying to say is that this week we have Mercury stationing, ready for a Retrograde period which always leads to confusion. Add in a Gemini Moon and the end of the week is skittish – be prepared to revisit your inspired plans to reshape them. Follow your emotions and instincts to ‘know’ when and where to be adaptable.

With both Venus and Mercury retrograde and the Sun conjunct Pluto, next weekend is the day trip to Mexico and it’s time to take your initial goals, and dig deeply into them to discover how true your desires and motivations are. A healthy dose of fear and possible discord should help bring intensity and flashes of what you truly want. Embrace the discomfort and dig deep.

Like all good Love Boat farewells, we’ll head down the gangplank next Sunday, with a piñata under one arm and Rob/Bob under the other, thanking Julie McCoy for an unforgettable trip. Bon voyage!

Special mentions…

Capricorns (all of you)
Nostalgia is filling the air and you may be pining for times passed. Ever since 2007 Pluto has given all transits of Capricorn extra gravitas, and this month is another example of transitory inner planets becoming a whole lot more serious in your sign. Those of you born mid January will cop the brunt of this – this week is another ‘opportunity’ to delve into yourself to reset your desires and motivations. It’s exhausting I know, but work that’s worth doing.

Pisceans (all of you)
Jupiter entered your sign on Dec 28. Have you noticed any changes? A little spring in your step or a bit more faith in yourself? The next few months are nice for you – but beware of Jupiter’s ‘shadow’ side – too much optimism can be just as problematic as too little. Take the inspiration that’s on offer and go with it – but perhaps check over future plans with a trusted friend who’s good with detail.

See you next week!

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