Your Christmas Horoscope

December 20, 2021 -January 3, 2022

Two big planetary configurations colour this Christmas – Venus/Pluto and Saturn/Uranus. I’ve discussed these previously so here I’ll focus on good ol’ Sun Sign astrology for the next fortnight.

Before I clock off for pina coladas and getting caught in the rain (thanks La Nina) – a huge thanks to everyone who’s followed me this year. It’s a crazy, content-heavy world and I appreciate you stopping by. Keep in touch and let me know what topics you want covered in 2022…

Pre-xmas tensions are possible and you may need to switch into full ‘Aries mode’ to take charge of a situation. Your ability to pivot quickly and try new things may come in handy. Guide the family through any hiccups between now and Dec 28. Events may remind you that being a bossy Aries is actually fantastic – SOMEONE has to be in charge. New Years Eve looks great fun for you. Let loose and enjoy yourself as the Astro weather clears and gives you some serious space to let down your hair. ‘Fun’ is a bit of a foreign concept right now, but this really is the right word for you over this period.

Over Christmas, you may be reminded of the intense joy that simple pleasures can bring. A contented tummy and glass of bubbles may leave you feeling generous towards people. This idealistic approach to others could provide unexpected healing if relationships have been strained. You may feel the urge to revisit past hurts, with the intention of gently placing a band-aid on top of them before heading back out to play. Controlling your responses and waving a white flag will ensure a profound, meaningful break. NYE also looks clear for you – drama free and enjoyable.

The party-hard largess of Christmas may leave you feeling battered this year, as you’re preoccupied with big thoughts around life, the universe and everything. You may feel a little emotionally agitated. Relationship failures may haunt you – try to use this time to gain some useful insights and put things to bed. New Years Eve is action packed with profound chats and memorable experiences. Your communication may feel dreamier and inspired but avoid stretching the truth. It’s a perfect night to reflect on all the growth you’ve experienced over the past 18 months.

Ruled by the Moon, you’re used to the ebb and flow of life and your emotions. Generally this period looks to be a happy one, but beware of tensions happening in the lives of those close to you. Relationships may feel tricky, and you’ll be aware of undertones, but unsure about why or what you need to do about them. Leave people to sort their own stuff and just try to enjoy the break. They’ll come to you when they’re ready, probably after Jan 2. NYE looks really fun and lively. Try a picnic or something a bit adventurous.

Do you like Christmas? I’m guessing that all the responsibilities and obligations can sometimes feel a little bit too much like hard work. And this year is really no different. Try to enjoy the tradition of it all. This week is energised, and your motivation to make things special may have you running around doing all sorts of practical errands. The NYE energy is much more fun – a chance to let your hair down and wear your most comfortable dancing shoes. It’s been a big year – enjoy giving it a send off.

Tick all the Christmas jobs off the list and leave yourself free to have a really enjoyable fortnight. You may be preoccupied with serious thoughts, and it’s a great time to reflect on the year and your current situation. Set your goals for 2022 – dream a little and make them ambitious. It’s not a lighthearted period of time, but it is meaningful – with plenty of good conversation available. Enjoy.

Whilst you love to keep the peace, especially at Christmas, this year is a deeply reflective Xmas period and some difficult decisions may need to be made. Perhaps you’re mourning a person or a circumstance and there is a somber tone. It’s important to face these feelings. Pluto and Venus are ensuring that hidden truths need to be dealt with. Events from mid-December may resurface – this is the time to gently, and definitely deal with them. 

Recent events and tensions ease over this period and you have the opportunity to actually relax. Remember what that feels like??? A more carefree tone takes over for most of January, so enjoy this and make the most of it. Heads up –  2022 may be a more tumultuous year as the Nodes and Uranus will keep you on your toes over coming months. So stretch out, eat that extra mince pie and get some rest.

A big shift on Jan 28 divides this holiday into two experiences. Life may have felt irritatingly sticky over recent months but you’ll have the chance to shed all of that as 2022 gets underway. NYE is all about Sag, so you may find yourself being the life of the party. Watch out for your tendency to overdo things – the alcohol could definitely flow. Generally, it’s an energetic and happy period. Enjoy!

This Christmas may feature a heavy tone, with the past haunting you a little. People from the past may pop up, which could lead to unexpected events. It’s a tense period and out of all the signs, you are one being a bit smashed this year. Sometimes we need to experience these tricky moments in order to gain flashes of insight that can carry us onwards and upwards. Whatever happens over this fortnight may linger through until the end of February, but from there, life lightens considerably.

How’s your year been? Tense? Full of friction? The last exact square of Saturn and Uranus on December 24 marks a bit of a turning point. It’s not all instant unicorns and rainbows afterwards (in fact, many of these themes will continue in 2022), but there’s a sense of things slotting a bit more into place. This year has matured you and opened to you fresh opportunities. Well done on surviving a really difficult year. NYE looks really fun – so enjoy that and have a toast – ‘onwards and upwards’! 

Much of the 2021 chaos missed you this year. Life has cruised along and you’ve been in a blissful bubble. This actually increases with Jupiter’s arrival on Dec 28. This holiday period looks to be smooth sailing – there are lovely opportunities for fun and fresh experiences. Relax, go for a swim and read a good book.

See you all at the beach.

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