A Covid Christmas?

It’s beginning to look a lot like a Covid Christmas..

I’ve watched the recent return to ‘freedom’ with a bit of trepidation. Sometimes being an astrologer can be a bit of a pain. Like now, for example, when the world has been going ‘yay! freedom!’, but the stars have been saying, ‘hang on, we’re not quite done yet’.

The truth is that astrologers never entirely know what’s in the future. We have the same problems as economists, house price ‘experts’ and weather forecasters – the future is ALWAYS uncertain, which means we end up with a mixed strike rate.

All we can do, is read the cycles, trust the symbolism of the planets will present on schedule, then sit back to see exactly how things manifest.

The astrology of Christmas 2021 is a good example. There’s a lot going on.

All year we’ve been experiencing a difficult Saturn/Uranus cycle. Saturn is authority, systems and control. Uranus is personal freedom, collective rights and unexpected events. Sound familiar? Think vax/anti-vax. Industrial action. The storming of the US government. Logistics problems. Governments versus a virus. Our personal liberties versus what’s best for the collective.

This energy had/has three peaks during 2021 – Feb 17, Jun 15 and Dec 24.

February 17 was all COVID, and vaccine rollouts (individuals rights vs government directives). Facebook vs the Australian Government (progress v tradition), and a Melbourne lockdown eased “as contact tracers are confident that all cases linked to a recent outbreak are self-isolating”. Yay! Freedom for the people!

By June 15 many countries in the Northern Hemisphere were lifting Covid restrictions despite the emergence of the new Delta strain. On this day in Sydney, a limousine driver tested positive to Delta, and we all know how that ended up – months of lockdown and personal freedoms curtailed.

So what to expect from December 24? Well, it’s probably not a shock to find ourselves back in Covid limbo with the rise of Omicron. Are we free? Should we mask or not? Get the booster or not? Can we find a way to maintain our freedom and live with covid? Will we go and see Auntie Mavis or stay away?

All of these tensions are likely to build over coming days, culminating with the Christmas festivities. I suspect that it will be left to us to make our own personal choices – a merging of personal freedom with responsibility. Perhaps the government won’t tell you what to do this time around, but you’ll be imposing restrictions on yourself.

Adding to that is the joining of Venus and Pluto on Christmas Day. This is intensely emotional and should bring meaning and strength to our social interactions. We won’t be meeting with our loved ones lightly this year. We will be together because we can’t bear to be apart.

After a couple of challenging years, it’s a ferocious test of our relationships. Expect revelations around what and who we truly value. Covid may just be a GIFT this year. One that puts life into perspective and helps us rise into gratitude and meaning.

I encourage you to reject sensationalist media, which will no doubt be encouraging everyone into a fear-based frenzy over the next 10 days.

It’s time for us to take personal responsibility this Christmas, take the necessary precautions, understand how precious life is and choose to make our gatherings joyous, meaningful and deeply memorable.

I’ll be back with sign-based forecasts next post…

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