Your past catches up with you…

Over the last 24 hours, the Sun and South Node have enjoyed a little meetup at 1 degree Sagittarius. The South Node is part of the nodal axis (exactly 180 degrees opposite the North Node), where the Sun and Moon’s paths cross. It’s an empty point in the sky, rather than a physical planet, so its surprising to track the transits of this axis and note the amount of influence it seems to have. 

Astrologers think it’s because of two things…

  1. It’s the central focus point for the eclipse cycle. Eclipses can only occur when full and new moons are within 15ish degrees of the nodal axis. For centuries, eclipses have been known to trigger life changing events.
  2. It’s a symbolic joining of the Sun and Moon, which translates to our core identity, vitality, and ego joining with our emotional, instinctive soul being. It’s a perfect point of spiritual alignment where we live a more ‘destined’ or ‘fated’ life.

Of the two ends of the axis, the North Node gets a better wrap than the South. Contacts with the North Node can bring people and events that push you forward along your ‘fated’ path. The South Node tends to force a release or elimination of some kind. With the Sun and South Node combining, your past catches up with you. Any situation or person you didn’t deal with properly can re-emerge. Or karmic-type outcomes can occur as a result of past decisions.

So if you’ve been living in beautiful alignment with the universe then you’re all sweet. If not… well… contacts with the South Node can be tricky as doors close, forcing you to pivot.

With the Sun illuminating the South Node, it’s our annual chance to reset and revisit the year. Didn’t quite achieve what you wanted? Or procrastinating over something unpleasant that you know needs to be done? This is the right time to get stuck in and sort it out, before the universe takes the reins and forces an outcome that you might be less enamoured of.

Take a minute to listen to your conscience. Is there someone you need to contact, or a difficult decision to make? It’s time to step up. Alternatively, is something draining the life out of you? A burden that you need to release? Now is the time to do that, too.

If you have planets in early Sagittarius/late Scorpio, it’s crunch time. Look to which planet is contacted, and the house it rules to understand the area of life that you need to focus on.

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