Eclipse season begins!

Astro Headlines – Nov 15-21

Building in intensity, this week is caffeinated with a triple shot macchiato, building to the Taurus Lunar Eclipse on Friday night (8pm AEST).

It’s a high energy week, full of confidence and physical motivation. But also present is a soft-heartedness that might see you eager to fix any past hurts. So there’s a combined physical and emotional will to move forward – how great! Examining old wounds could start a healing process that continues throughout the Summer (watch for the Venus Retrograde Dec/Jan).

Impulsive energy and unexpected events could lead to breakthroughs and this full moon has the potential for inspired thinking that leads to deep change in both your ideas and communication. It’s a beautiful glimpse into a utopian ideal of how things could be, and it’s worth following your instincts – your inner self could be an excellent guide.

With the nodal axis exactly on the ascendent at the moment of the eclipse (Sydney), fate really seems to be stepping in and giving our lives a little push along. Eclipses are ‘wild cards’ and Lunar eclipses can signify ‘endings’. We may all feel it a little, but if 27 degrees Taurus/Scorpio is prominent in your birth chart then expect the next few months to be profound. Remember that any losses are making way for fresh growth. The void can be painful, but it is bittersweet and temporary.

Eclipse stars are best interpreted for each individual’s birthchart, so I’d encourage you to contact your local friendly astrologer to find out which areas of your life may be impacted.

Special mentions:
Scorpio (All of you)
BAM!!! Welcome to eclipse season, Scorpios. The closer you’re born to Nov 20, the more you’ll feel this particularly one, but all of you will get your turn over the next 18 months as the nodal axis (and the eclipses) shift through your sign. If you’ve been lolling about in limbo, get ready to jetpack forward into the next phase of your life and personal growth. The jolt can be tricky, so watch for whiplash. Take things in your stride and be willing to make changes as new opportunities present themselves (or as doors close!). Personal grace and a strong meditation practise will keep you on track for a smooth transition period.

Taurus (particularly those born May 12-20)
The closer you’re born to May 18, the stronger this eclipse’s impact will have on you. Like it or not, this is the start of a new cycle that will see you changing things up. Sometimes change is difficult (especially for Taureans), so create some rituals that you can enact whenever you need to self-sooth (nature works well, and is healthier than chocolate). Events this week may be extreme, but also keep a look out for little happenings, that may often signify the start of a longer process that will unfold between now and next May.

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