Astro headlines Nov 1-7

Feeling agitated? Keen to get life moving? This week’s Balsamic Moon phase keeps us feeling stuck until Friday, when a Scorpio New Moon shoots us into the new month with all guns blazing. This New Moon is NOT all sweet and lovely. There are upsets, tensions and inflamed emotions. All of which keeps us from being our best selves. Think twice, reread emails, go for a walk before making that call. Breathe deeply and roll with the punches, especially if you have personal planets around 10-18 degrees of the fixed signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo). All of November looks a little tricky, but as always, there is happiness to be found in the small things and stolen moments.

Special mentions:
Scorpio (particularly those born Oct 30-Nov 9)
You may sense the new phase coming, and be simultaneously unsettled and excited by the thought of unexpected changes and quick decision making. Frustrations and reality checks are possible. The key to using this energy is to plunge into it – be mature, work the extra hours and step up into the challenge being presented.

Taurus (particularly those born Apr 26 – May 7)
Unexpected events have been plaguing you recently and this week your relationships are under fire. Friends and partners may bring a level of chaos into your world. There are lessons to be learned in rolling with circumstances and not stubbornly hanging onto situations for the sake of it. Try to distance yourself and analyse if there might actually be some benefits to these changes.

Aquarius (particularly those born Jan 24 – Feb 2)
A push me/pull you energy surrounds you as circumstances shift you about. There may be little you can do about things, so focus on your responses instead – those you can control. Expect sudden changes and odd twists.

Capricorn (particularly those born Jan 13-19)
Each day of this week starts with a ‘can do’ attitude. You’re aligned with the energy and sense that the transformational work happening in your life is all ultimately for your greater good. Things wobble in the mid-afternoons, but by the early evenings you should feel like each day has been productive.

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