I feel the earth… move…


Congratulations peeps, we did it! We made it to the end of 2021’s retrograde bonanza. If your life has felt sluggish since April (anywhere from general muck to full quagmire), then it’s time to dust yourself off and reset as both Mercury and Jupiter switch to direct motion and help to get us moving again. As promised, life is opening up and the switch is rapid from now until Christmas. 

Time has stood still over recent months – did you make the most of that rest? Good! Because now we’re reminded about how chaotic things can be, highlighted by a mid week Full Moon that looks turbulent – keep an eye out for natural disasters and events where the earth literally shakes – Pluto is involved, and he rumbles deeply beneath us, forcing change and evolution. 

Scorpio season begins next weekend and with its co-rulers currently in a tough square aspect, things could be a little tense. Try to keep your cool and play nice.

So it’s onwards and upwards, but with a hiccup or two quite likely. But at least life won’t be boring… 


October 14-23, April 10-19, January 11-19
Libra, Aries and Capricorns all experience a hit from this week’s full moon. It’s tense, aggressive, and demanding. If there’s an area of life that you’ve been ignoring, or something being suppressed, then its likely to erupt. The best way to deal with this energy is to acknowledge it and remember that it will pass – try not to act impulsively or destructively, but DO try to pick up the message that the universe is laying down. There’s something you need to action. Do it.

Scorpios (all of you)
Does life feel tense? PUT DOWN THE KNIFE. Everything is going to be ok! Mars and Pluto (your co-rulers) clash on Friday, throwing down a challenge of some kind. Sometimes the universe tests our limits, but luckily for you, Scorpios can handle pretty much anything, a lovely trine from Jupiter gives you the confidence you need.

Sagittarius (those born Nov 29 – Dec 10)
You lot are also tapped into this full moon, but in an easier way. Use your positivity and current feelings of good will, to ride this burst of energy. You’re also receiving a rub from Uranus, so you may have ants in your pants, as you seek some freedom and change.   

Have a great week!

(PS – No, I don’t cover each sign every week. Why? I focus on specifics, bringing less regular but more relevant info to each sign. If you’re not mentioned this week, be patient and enjoy the peace – your time will come 🙂 )

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