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Wednesday’s New Moon in Libra is a curious mix of energised hope and suppressed rebellion. It reflects current events in Australia, where we’re on the precipice of our ‘new normal’ but with an underlying apprehension around how that’s going to go. What will happen when millions of people return to socialising (Libra) while a pandemic is still taking place? It’s a glossy veneer of beauty and fun, with an unsettled underbelly. 

The urge for liberation is likely to win out for most people and Venus shifts into Sagittarius on Thursday increasing the push for fun. Sag is the ‘Christmas Party’ sign, which covers off the drunken, oversharing chats, the flirtations, the parties and regrettable encounters behind pot plants. Maxing out the credit card is also a risk under this influence. Venus sits ‘out of bounds’ until December 7, so expect to feel pretty partied-out by then. 

Finally, Pluto – the dwarf planet with a huge energetic clout – turns direct this week, starting our return to normal programming. It’s an exciting 12 day swivel (Oct 7-19) as 3 other planets join in. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we remember how to use our power wisely.


Libra (All of you)
Your sign is the focus for so much this week. Universally we’ll be concentrating on Libran things – values, relationships and what we love in life. You folks will feel the buzzing of energy, and may sense that some kind of breakthrough is possible, although just out of reach. As I said above, the veneer of ‘happy normal’ is strong, but there’s more underneath that is worth digging into.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Oct 4-10) – this energy lingers throughout your year ahead. There’s fresh ways of looking at things that hopefully shifts you closer to an authentic path. It’s an ‘itch in your pants’ kind of vibe, with a restlessness that provides motivation.

Scorpio (All of you)
Pluto co-rules your sign, so its shift forward signals the release of the handbrake and a new ability to race off into the future. Yay! It’s been a very contemplative vibe lately, but now it’s time to feel empowered by embracing ideals and chasing the things you truly value. If you’re so inclined to a bit of ‘woo woo’ then it’s a great week to seek out some sacred female wisdom. A New Moon sister circle or chakra cleanse could be revelatory.

Sagittarius (Those born Nov 23 – Dec 2)
What do you love? From Friday, glimpse a renewed idea of what you really do enjoy and want more of. Illuminating that will also highlight things that you’ve outgrown and now need to ditch. Has Covid shifted your interests and altered your relationships? Start being a ‘new you’. But try to muster diplomacy and avoid awkward transitions. 

Aries (those born Mar 26 – Apr 5)
Other people may be triggering your vulnerabilities this week. Light is being shone on topics you’d rather not deal with – no one likes having their weaknesses exposed – particularly not a big strong Aries. Take time to sit with uncomfortable emotions – a bit of contemplation may let any unexpected emotions arise, which will be beneficial. Don’t repress stuff, deal with it. You’re still awesome. 

Have a great week!

(PS – No, I don’t cover each sign every week. Why? I focus on specifics, bringing less regular but more relevant info to each sign. If you’re not mentioned this week, be patient and enjoy the peace – your time will come 🙂 )

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