Enjoy the inflight entertainment


This week we’re on a plane, circling above Sydney Airport in a holding pattern. The messaging from the pilot is probably changing a bit (… slight delay… waiting for instructions… could be another 10 minutes… etc etc) BUT ITS ALL FINE, because not only is it sunset and the view over the harbour spectacular, but you’re also in the middle of a really great documentary and you’re keen to finish it before landing.

Retrograde season peaks over the next three weeks as Mercury joins the outer planets, keeping us in a loop, not quite getting places. Mercury retrograde cops a flogging online, but don’t fear it – it’s just the time to double check details and NEVER ASSUME that any message has been received or understood. This retrograde phase is in Libra, so it’s focused on relationships – be really clear in your communication with others.

Apart from that, this week is great, the interesting inflight documentary is a series of motivating and inspiring trine aspects. A ‘trine’ is planets sitting 120 degrees apart, bringing an ease, creativity and momentum. So despite any underlying restrictions, this week should be pretty enjoyable. 


Libra (Sep 27 – Oct 3)

Positive energy from this week will linger into your year ahead. Lucky surprises could lead to genuine opportunity as things slot into place. There’s an abundance of energy, discipline and direction, so it should be a genuinely lovely year. 

Libra (All of you)
It’s just all good news for Librans this week. Even those of you who are born October 14-22 may get some interesting insights and ease any recent feelings of heaviness. There’s energy, action and with Mercury retrograding through your sign, you have the chance to have another go at a relationship or situation that’s gone awry over the past couple of weeks.

Scorpio (All of you)
Last week’s intensity continues somewhat as you dig further through relationships, however there’s more opportunity for harmony. Try to stay self-aware – the energy for thorough investigating and planning does have the potential to be a bit obsessive. Schedule time for fun.

Capricorn (those born Jan 9 – 19)
Did you start those conversations last week? Did you think over some of the bigger issues in your life? No sweat if you didn’t – the Mercury Retrograde is giving you a second chance to reconsider things that are bothering you. Have another go at voicing what’s on your mind. Questions may feel uncomfortable at times, but a helpful aspect from Venus should keep interactions approachable and friendly.     

Aquarius (All of you)
It’s a productive week. Thinking, planning and doing energy combine to help you focus on your path forward. Some of the recent ‘blahness’ should shift and there’s a sense of things clicking into gear. There’s just a couple of weeks left before life takes off again, so make the most of this time to regroup.

Gemini (All of you)
With Mercury as your ruling planet, you lot are more sensitive to its retrograde cycles than most. Negotiate the next three weeks more carefully. Heed the classic ‘re’ advice for retrogrades… ‘revisit, regroup, redo’. Use your instincts to fine tune your ideas and get ready for a busy time pre-Christmas. 

Cancer (those born Jul 7-20)
Midweek sees you seeking escape from some unpleasant burdens that have been lingering for ages. Escape into your domestic refuge, light some candles, turn off devices and enjoy a bit of a mental and emotional holiday. A bubble bath, box of chocolates or bit of baking could prove therapeutic.

Have a great week!

(PS – No, I don’t cover each sign every week. Why? I focus on specifics, bringing less regular but more relevant info to each sign. If you’re not mentioned this week, be patient and enjoy the peace – your time will come 🙂 )

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