Take action with the Virgo New Moon

You don’t need to be a fully-fledged, purple-wearing pagan in order to find joy in watching the cycles of nature. The ebb and flow of the yearly seasons and the monthly moon phases can keep us living with mindfulness and meaning.

Taking note of, and living with, the Moon cycle is a simple way to reconnect with the Earth. Taking a few moments out to give it some consideration once a month is a quick rest from our busy, detached Western lives.

Traditionally, we say that the Moon cycles starts with the New Moon, when the Moon is sitting at the same degree as the Sun. This happens every 28-29 days, usually in consecutive zodiac signs.

The New Moon is a time of renewal. The Moon is completely dark, allowing us to see the stars all twinkling away, doing their thing. On a personal level, its a great time to take a bit of time out and reflect on the parts of you and your life that may not usually get much attention. Just having a sit and a quiet cup of tea without your phone, or any distractions, can be a nice 15-minute way to get back in touch with yourself.

Each zodiac sign connects to different facets of our lives. And each New Moon is a great time to focus on those areas. Consider how you’re travelling in that part of your world. What is and isn’t working? Think about improvements you’d like to make and goals you’d like to reach. Maybe it’s time to set a few new intentions or write down some solid plans.

Try to write down your hopes and wishes for the New Moon either in the few hours before or 6-10 hours after the exact astronomical event. Some people like to then burn the list. Some tuck the list away so that they can check back in on it throughout the month and year ahead. Other people write affirmations, use crystals or find an online meditation that aligns with their intentions.

Does New Moon wishing work? It’s hard to say. At the very least, it’s keeping you centred and focused in a way that can’t be harmful. At best, it’s a vital part of living in alignment with the universe and being true to your authentic self.

Choose the level of ‘woo woo’ you want to believe and go for it. Self-improvement is never a negative thing.

VIRGO new moon at 14 degrees, 38 minutes. Tuesday September 7, 2021, 10.51am (AEST).

Topics covered:
Health/diet, habits & routines, efficiency & organisation, focus, practical help (for you or service by you towards others).

Things to release:
Worry, criticism (of yourself and others), perfectionism

Things to do:
• Finish any outstanding ‘fadmin’ – (family administration). Pay outstanding bills, schedule appointments, return phone calls.
• Tidy up bookshelves.
• Reorganise your pantry and fridge (throw out old food).
• Reassess your recent diet and exercise habits. Decide if there are changes to make there.
• Spring clean (here in OZ, Northern Hemisphere peeps can prepare for Winter).

Virgo is associated with gut health, so grab a kombucha. Write your ‘to-do’ list and work your way through all your tasks over the next two weeks.

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