Planetary energies Sept 6-12, 2021.

This week is a delicious three course meal…

For APPETISERS, we’ve got a Virgo new moon on Tuesday, perfect for intention setting, spring cleaning and deciding on what goals you still want to achieve in the remaining four months of this year. It might bring the unexpected, with some revelations around what it is you really DO want and DO hope for. (Think good Vietnamese rice paper rolls.)

Main meal is a mid-week Libra Moon and a bit of calm. It’s kind of like a good spaghetti vongole – comforting carbs with just enough chilli and just enough lemon. On a superficial level, it’s a good time for a haircut, a face mask, or to rearrange your bedroom furniture and put the fancy set of sheets on the bed because….

Dessert is definitely next weekend. It’s a classic creme caramel, with a bunch of sexy-good times possible with Scorpio running the show. Midpoints are indicating that it’s a good time for dreaming, relating, romance and pleasure. Throw in Venus moving into Scorpio AND a Scorpio Moon and things are looking HOT. Sizzle up everyone…


Virgo (Sep 6-12)

It’s a New Moon week Virgos, so if you’re an early week birthday, expect this to be a transitional year, where SO much is possible. It’s a chance to really step outside yourself and stretch your wings. Interesting groups of people might help you find a new you. Ironically, relationships might help you sit comfortably in your individuality. Strong women might be influential and life might feel a whole lot more unconventional this year. Do watch out for becoming obsessive around some of these new pursuits and make sure that they’re doing you more good than harm – aim for moderation.

Libra (all of you)
With Venus leaving your sign, be prepared to feel a bit of an emotional come-down. After a contented few weeks, you might feel vulnerable and a sense of loss around the cooling of an emotional connection. Try to refocus on yourself and recalibrate. Go for some walks and take some pictures of pretty things – flowers are EVERYWHERE! There is so much to be grateful for.

Scorpio (all of you)
Relationships come to the forefront this week. There’s power to be found in communicating and connecting deeply. It’s a dreamy vibe that manifests down on a physical level. It’s GREAT for romance, emotional intimacy and SEX. Share your dreams, think, feel and get lost in your partner. Especially next weekend.

Sagittarius (all of you)
Anything and everything is possible for you this week. Early in the week you have the opportunity to have sudden insights around the way you’re connecting to people. Take transformative action with this energy and consider how you can control your actions more closely, in order to maximise your potential, both within yourself and in relationships. Sounding too vague? Maybe write a list of what you do well/badly in your relationships. And consider if there’s room for improvement.

Aquarius (those born Feb 9-18)
Jupiter is encouraging you to have new ideas around how you can structure life more successfully. It will demand a philosophical basis, enabling you to find deeper purpose and meaning. This ensures a fresh approach to life that will last way beyond any current troubles. Seek out other, like-minded people as guides – mentors, role-models – anyone who you find inspiring.

Taurus (those born Apr 26 – May 6)
Relationships are in the spotlight this week. Unease may have been hovering for many months and now is a chance to gain some perspective as a new perspective arrives. Perhaps you’ll have a flash of insight into YOUR needs and it might bring a bit of a shock. Are you happy? You need to use your gut instinct over logic to assess your current situation. Change energy is around you and as uncomfortable as that is, THIS is the time to make adjustments that will lead you to deeper happiness further down the road.

Gemini (those born May 21 – June 1)
Use this week’s New Moon to get ideas and events from 3-4 weeks underway. Perhaps they’ve been percolating away or you’ve been a bit hesitant about them. Avoid too much dilly-dallying and just get stuck into SOMETHING. Start with a spring clean and reorganisation. It’s time to chuck out the old and welcome in the new. It’s a nice time for new projects (perhaps crafty), or even a new pet.

Have a great week!

(PS – No, I don’t cover each sign every week. Why? I focus on specifics, bringing less regular but more relevant info to each sign. If you’re not mentioned this week, be patient and enjoy the peace – your time will come 🙂 )

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