Planetary energies – Aug 30 – Sep 5 – Making a splash!

Is my heading a bit obscure this week? I’m cracking an ASTROLOGY JOKE, so it’s funny for about 0.000075% of the population, so let me explain… if you look at the attached chart, you can see that all the planets are generally scattered around the wheel, without any major conjunctions (JARGON WATCH – that’s planets at the same degree). That splash of planets can make the energy feel a little scattered, too. Perhaps you’ll find yourself flitting about, moving from one task to another, tackling things superficially. A Gemini Moon reinforces the capriciousness through until Wednesday. Then Mars opposes Neptune, so its usual vigour and drive wafts out the window. Add in Mercury shifting into Libra, a waning moon and it’s probably best to just pour yourself a wine, roll a joint and tuck up on the couch (warm socks and a cup of tea will work, too).

The father’s day weekend is a bit more directed, with a Leo Moon letting the menfolk shine. They’ll enjoy being the centre of attention and there’s a sense of largess around Sunday night. It looks like a fun time, with some inspired thinking and communication. Uranus is involved, so tech might come to the forefront. Zoom father’s day dinner, anyone?   


Virgo (Aug 30 – Sep 5)

What was happening 4-5 years ago birthday friends? Anything started then might be requiring a little reconsideration. Goals and life journeys may need a little realignment, so use the next few months to check back in with yourself and make sure you’re still travelling an authentic path. Focus on how best you can move forward over the next 4-5 years. Mid-late week birthday folks might be more emotional than usual this year. Fanciful dreams might sweep you away, but luckily Virgo is practical and useful by nature, so it might be that you get a welcome dose of inspiration that leaves you considering more creative ventures.   

Sagittarius (all of you)
The stop/start energy of last week gives way to a desire to connect with people in unusual and original ways. Perhaps you’re feeling great about yourself right now, feeling really together and keen to express yourself more authentically.  I’d never bother telling a Sag to calm down and dampen their dreams, so instead I’ll say GO FOR IT. As you know, whatever happens, it’ll all be fine. 

Capricorn (all of you)
Energy is building this week and there’s a burst of energy and motivation. Your ruling planet is under pressure, and you may be experiencing that tension. However if you dig down, you may find that the rush of transformational energy that you’re experiencing can be channelled into connecting with people and this may prove extremely healing. 

Aquarius (those born Jan 22 – Feb 5)
Hi again Aquarians, the good news is that there looks to be some opportunities this week. Circumstances, fate and communication combine and you could find yourself bathing in a bit of serendipity. There’s the sense that groups of people are critical to helping you focus your thinking and mindset. 

Pisces (those born March 7-19)
With Neptune continuing it’s long haul through your sign, your already flexible nature is becoming downright liquified this year. Do we care? No. Well, maybe… but only sometimes, when you remember to worry about it. This week the ground continues to shift but there’s a sense that there’s so much joy surrounding you that you couldn’t be happier. Someone might try and give you a pep talk about efficiency midweek – humour them and get then get back to whatever daydream you were having.

Gemini (those born May 21 – June 3)
The weeks starts with a Gemini moon, triggered your need to communicate about emotional and significant life stuff. Relationships may feel tricky or strained, but there’s the sense that having just the right conversation with someone could make significant inroads to any problems. It’s a truth week. You could be surprised by the impact of sharing your deepest thoughts.

Have a great week!

(PS – No, I don’t cover each sign every week. Why? I focus on specifics, bringing less regular but more relevant info to each sign. If you’re not mentioned this week, be patient and enjoy the peace – your time will come 🙂 )

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