The stars aligned…

Well done to Ash Barty, who won Wimbledon this week. During her press conference she said, “The stars aligned for me over the past fortnight.” I get that it’s a throwaway line, used to describe when we feel ‘in flow’, but it’s always fun to hear these sayings pop out. While I’m not taking this as proof of Barty’s devotion to my astrological craft, it is interesting to note the English sayings that unknowingly link us back to our astronomical & astrological roots.

Have you ever heard yourself saying, ‘many happy returns’ to someone, without realising you’re congratulating them on sticking to Earth long enough for our zodiacal position to return to its original location? Yep, when you’re born, the Sun sits somewhere along the 360 degree circle of the zodiac. For Ash Barty, her Sun is 4 degrees and 11 minutes into the sign of Taurus, and each year, when it returns to that exact spot, she is officially one whole journey of the zodiac older. 

Each year, creating a fresh astrology chart for that exact return moment can give a sneak peak into the themes and areas of your life that will be active over the next 12 months. Pretty interesting, huh! They are called Solar Return charts, and form part of a forecasting session.

Another fun saying is when you’re ‘in your element’. Ever thought about that one? We know it means you’re comfortable and happy, but why? 

Elements are basic astrological building blocks – each zodiac sign falls into one of four groupings – Fire, Air, Earth & Water. And it’s true – if your birth chart is full of Air and Earth placements, then thinking (Air) and doing (Earth) are ways of operating in the world that will feel natural and easy to you. When current planetary energies favour these elements, you may indeed feel as though you’re ‘in your element’.

Of course Ash Barty, being an indigenous woman, may be aware of Australian Aboriginal astronomy – it’s pretty fascinating and pre-dates Astrology by about 60,000 years. Read more about it here.

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