“Is this it?” Welcome to the midlife crisis

Uranus opposition, ladies?

Since reading this article in Sunday Life magazine, I’ve been back pondering  the ‘mid-life crisis’. This story is the perfect illustration of the “I wasn’t living my truest truth” crisis, accompanied by the insistent and urgent need to CHANGE EVERYTHING. 

People worldwide enter their 40s, become bewildered and hit a brick wall. The traditional ‘mid life crisis’ is described in the media as a toxic mix of finances, career, kids and ageing parents – a whirling life bog that drowns 40-somethings in a hellish muck. Pressure and weight builds for weeks, months and years and then… BAM. Crisis.

Marriages breakdown, accidents happen, sports cars are bought, finances topple and accountants quit stable jobs to become gourmet cheese-makers in the countryside. 

There is little patience around these mid-life changes. It’s as though people have suddenly WOKEN UP and seen their truth for the very first time. Which is strange, since we’ve been living our lives fairly happily for days and years previously. But somehow, now, a curtain is drawn back and all sorts of revelations take place, quickly. 

Astrologers watch people’s lives implode with a mix of awe and frustration. It’s such a predictable event that I nearly called this blog ‘the 42 files’. At this time of life, everyone experiences a ‘Uranus opposition’. The current position of Uranus is now opposing your natal (birth) position of Uranus. Where this is placed in your natal chart indicates the potential impact of this 2 to 3 year phase. 

A Uranus opposition may manifest with events and decisions that will be random, quick, unexpected and downright odd. Sometimes people instigate these events and sometimes fate takes over. End results range from the amazing to the tragic, often followed by phone calls to loved ones that leave their jaws hanging and hearts broken. 

Watch the news to see how often strange, unexpected and totally out-of-the-blue events happen to 41-44 year olds. This woman was sucked out of a plane window. This woman murdered her children. This woman went missing. This man won an huge jackpot lottery. This man was stabbed by a stingray barb (as was Steve Irwin at age 44).

You get the idea. 

A Uranus opposition doesn’t have to be this tumultuous. They can be a wonderful thing when harnessed with wisdom. They get you reassessing your life. They give you the incentive to break ruts, chase dreams and demand more. 

Astrologers can look at your natal chart to understand how Uranus generally works in your life. We can anticipate the areas that will need attention BEFORE the tension builds. We can give you time-frames for the pinch points and help you to understand this entire process. 

A 60-minute session with an astrologer might help you avoid years of heart ache. Get in touch to organise a reading.

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