I’m a Leo, that’s good, right?

The famously zodiacist, Madonna.

Ask people what they know about astrology and the answer is usually ‘not much’. They may know their sun sign and sometimes their moon or rising sign. For some reason though, the smattering of astrological knowledge stored in people’s brains tends to always be bound up with judgement. Rarely will someone relay their sun sign without a qualifying statement. 

“I’m a Capricorn, but I’m not boring” or 
“I’m a Leo, that’s good, right?”

 Even more reliably, people will have strong judgements about other sun signs that are, quite frankly, zodiacist. 

“I hate Gemini women” or 
I can’t work with Scorpios” (as said by Madonna).

Astrology needs a good PR person, who can explain that sun signs, whilst relevant and interesting, are only one part of the birth-chart puzzle. All the planets, dwarf planets, asteroids and mathematical points need to be considered and ‘synthesised’ in order to get a grasp of a person’s full psyche. No ONE factor will determine a person. So judging someone by their sun sign is kind of like saying ‘I don’t like blondes’. And sure, maybe you don’t like blondes, but that statement kind of says more about you and your narrow-mindedness than it says about people with blonde hair.

Not all Capricorns are boring, and not all Leos are awesome. In fact each sign has a long list of both positive and negative qualities. For instance Capricorn qualities can be…

Focused, hard-working, mature, dedicated, sensual, funny, authoritative, determined, initiating, professional, disciplined, scrupulous and future-focused. They are take-control MANIFESTERS who chase down goals and create the lives they want, full of achievement and personal satisfaction.

That just doesn’t sound too boring to me.

Don’t be fooled by the negative or positive reputations of any zodiac sign. Each individual birth-chart is so much more complex than that.

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