Is Pluto a planet?

Pluto with its largest Moon, Charon. PIC: NASA.

Back in 2006, scientists in the International Astronomical Union reclassified what it meant to be a ‘planet’. Suddenly, Pluto was redefined into this new category of ‘dwarf planet’. Cynical fingers were pointed at astrologers as if to say, ‘SEE! You’re all frauds and nonsense, reading charts with planets that aren’t even planets! etc etc’. It’s the usual refrain from science-type people who are determined to judge astrology’s validity without actually knowing anything about it.

Those same folks may be shocked to know that an astrologer looks at not only planets, but the moon, dwarf planets, asteroids, planetoids and EVEN VACANT POINTS OF NOTHING in the sky! That’s right! We look at Nodes of the Moon, which are just empty points where the orbits of the Moon and the Sun intersect. EACH of these astronomical features can be interpreted and integrated into the Natal Birth Chart, providing fantastic information about how we can live more empowered lives.

So yes, Pluto is technically a ‘dwarf planet’, which doesn’t make one single iota of difference to astrologers. Before its reclassification, Pluto’s placement gave insights into the deepest secrets of the psyche, how someone may transform over their lifetime and where their true personal power lies. And since the reclassification, Pluto’s placement shows… exactly the same thing.

The scientific change in definition has done nothing to diminish Pluto’s power in your life. Often it’s a transit of this heavyweight that will see someone scrambling for the astrologer’s door. 

Lasting from 1-3 years, Pluto transits aren’t much fun. Full of pressure, compulsion and exposed secrets, you may feel as though your world has turned on its head. Thankfully, chatting with an astrologer can assist you to diagnose and manage the area of your life that is being transformed for the better. 

Understanding Pluto’s impact puts you back in charge, understanding the deeper purpose of this time of your life. It’s best to flow with Pluto’s power and harness the huge potential.

Where does Pluto touch your life? Email me and we’ll see what this dwarf planet has in store for you.

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