Guess these celebrity north nodes

The North Node is an interesting little astrological point that seems to have had a revival in recent years. Whilst always hugely important to astrologers, it’s become more prominent amongst the general public since Jan Spiller’s ‘Astrology for the Soul’ explained in simple terms how meaningful it can be.

Rather than being a physical object up in space, the North Node is actually part of the Nodal Axis –  the points where the Sun and Moon’s orbits intersect. The North and South node sit exactly 180 degrees apart and move backwards through the Zodiac, changing signs every 18 months. The Nodal Axis determines eclipses, which occur whenever a Full or New Moon occurs nearby.

The North Node in your chart is a clue about where you are headed in this lifetime. Some people call it ‘destiny’. It’s not always a comfortable ride, but it is one that compels you and understanding it can provide huge amounts of clarity around your life journey. 

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, your North Node can either show you goals to work towards in this lifetime or karmic lessons that you need to learn for spiritual progress.

The North Node isn’t asking that everyone find success in the same place. We’re not all here to be famous or wealthy. You might find purpose and satisfaction in the strangest of ways, depending on your natal placement.

The sign of your North Node flavours your life focus. As a way to illustrate, it’s fun to check out some autobiographies, to see if the pithy titles relate to the native’s North Node.

Life’ – Keith Richards 
North Node: Leo 

Leo is all about life force and vitality. It’s a male energy, focused on the self. You’ve nailed the self-determined, masculine thing Keith!

Becoming’ – Michelle Obama
North Node: Cancer 

Cancer likes to evolve by initiating emotional growth and relationships, much like Michelle who’s awesome on her own but was driven to success by her love and protection of her husband.

Dreams from my Father” – Barrack Obama
North Node: Leo 

Speaking of Barrack, he also has a Leo North Node. Heard that story about how Michelle didn’t want Barrack to run for president? She really didn’t. But he did anyway, because Leos just have to follow their own path. And the relevance of the book title? Leo is ruled by the Sun, which also signifies ‘father’ figures in the birth chart.

The Beautiful Ones” – Prince
North Node: Libra 

Several signs could have ruled over Prince and I wouldn’t have been surprised, but his memoir title ties neatly into his Libra North Node. Ruled by Venus, it’s all about aesthetics and beauty. Other factors would have helped his convictions, but this North Node would have helped along his love of purple heels.

Seriously… I’m Kidding” – Ellen DeGeneres
North Node: Scorpio 

Know any Scorpio people with a lighthearted sense of humour? Nope, thought not. Since they delve deeply and see the dark side, their humour can be a little more sarcastic and black. Ellen can try to be ‘light’ but there’s darkness beneath, held privately below the surface. You often find contradiction in Scorpionic charts, and this title sums that up nicely.

In Pieces” – Sally Field
North Node: Gemini 

Sally should relax, and understand that a Gemini North Node is wanting her to change positions and have moments of Mercurial contradiction. The sign of the twins may never feel whole.

A Natural Woman: A Memoir” – Carole King 
North Node: Virgo 

Well done Carole, you’ve summed up Virgo perfectly in this title, and given us a lifetime of understated, beautifully-crafted songwriting. 

Home Work: A Memoir of my Hollywood Years” – Julie Andrews
North Node: Capricorn 

Another chanteuse, this one a little more prim. Capricorns are renowned for achieving goals via determined effort. Julie has even managed to get a Capricorn keyword – work – into the title.

The Meaning of Mariah Carey” 
North Node: Pisces 

Will we ever truly understand the meaning of Mariah’s ways? With a Piscean North Node even Mariah may often find herself at the mercy of spiritual forces. As she says, “after all the hysteria, everything stopped. There was a moment of peace. I had gained a deeper kind of faith and I knew it was all part of God’s bigger plan for me.” Namaste Mariah. Your North Node is very happy with you.

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