What is astrology?

When I tell people I’m an astrologer, the first response I usually get is… well… silence (with a slight head nod for politeness). Most people know nothing about astrology and are genuinely baffled about what to say next. In our modern scientific world, very little is known or understood about what astrology is or what an astrologer does.

This is what a natal chart looks like!

So here’s my FAQ to get you up to speed…

Did you say astrologer or astronomer?

Throughout history these two professions were one and the same. The planets were tracked then the meanings of these placements were interpreted. It seemed obvious to all that the energy of the magnificent night sky impacted us teeny tiny humans. 

In recent centuries, we’ve become increasingly ‘scientific’ with skepticism given to anything that can’t be witnessed and replicated. Astrology became unfashionable amongst academics who were striving to find consistent order to take control of our world. At this point, astrology was sent to the intellectual periphery, lumped in with witchcraft and all those unprovable ‘new-agey’ things. 

These days, astronomers think that astrologers are nonsense, and in return, astrologers feel sad when intelligent people can look at the majestic skies without feeling some twinge of magical connection.

I am an astrologer. I track the planets, devoting myself to understanding their symbolism and how they impact of our lives.

What does an astrologer do then?

We usually start with ‘natal’ charts. These are maps of the sky at the minute and place where you take your first breath. For some bizarre reason, this seems to give us a crazily accurate ‘blueprint’ of a person’s personality. 

How on earth does that work?

Good question! I wish I knew! But I promise you that it does. In the same way that scientists don’t understand exactly how gravity works, but they’re confident that it does. The more familiar you get with astrology, the more uncanny it becomes.

And then what?

Once we understand a natal chart, we can continue on, watching how the continuous movement and cycles of the planets impact our lifetime. This is the ‘forecasting’ part – where you can anticipate future energies and help people prepare to use them wisely.

What else can an astrologer do?

Analysing two or more charts together is called ‘synastry’ and gives excellent information about how people will get along. This is great in marriages and family relationships, but also helpful in a work situation.

Electional astrology chooses auspicious times to start things (like getting married or launching a business). Horary astrology answers questions and can give you a fresh insight on difficult decisions. Medical astrology focuses on a person’s health. Mundane astrology looks at large scale world events and trends.

What information do I need to get my chart done?

You need to give me your birth date, birth time (as close to the minute as possible) and birth place. Luckily for me, I can whip up a chart instantly with computering magic, although I have passed an exam casting charts with tables of logarithms and an ephemerides. That’s how it was done for centuries.

What if I don’t know my birth time?

An accurate birth time is surprisingly important. Our ascendent or ‘rising’ sign changes every couple of hours, so every 15 minutes makes a big difference. Quite often your mum is a bit too busy birthing you to check the clock – her memory might be a bit out. 

Check with dad or anyone else who was around that day. Australian birth certificates don’t have it included but most medical records DO and hospitals are required to release the information to you if you apply. Baby books and birth notices can also be helpful. 

Without a time, we can still cast a general chart for the day, but it won’t yield the same level of information.

Are star-sign columns nonsense?

It depends. Extremely reputable astrologers work tirelessly to produce columns that are both entertaining and accurate. The Sun is just one planet in your natal chart, so any prediction based on just that is going to be vague at best. But the sun is symbolic of your core self and inner vitality, so a good horoscope can be surprisingly insightful. 

Read them for fun, then come to me for a proper, personalised astrology reading, where we study your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ascendent, Midheaven, Nodes and more!

What is a session like?

Lasting for about an hour, an astrology reading is where we sit and chat together about your chart, putting together a picture of all your disparate parts! It’s a two-way conversation where we sift through the gifts and challenges of your chart. People are astonishingly complex! 

Then we move on and have a peek at the upcoming forecasting indicators and get an idea of what the next 12 months have in store for you. 

But what’s the point?

There is crazy liberation in understanding and accepting exactly who you are. It’s empowering and helps to untangle the knots that we twist ourselves into. Make peace with your parts and learn to use them wisely and with control. See what energy is coming up and understand how to be prepared to make the most of it.

How often would I see an astrologer?

Usually people come for one session to understand their birth chart and have a peek at the year ahead. Then an annual birthday catch up is a nice way to stay in touch with your universal ride.

Am I about to meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger?

Maybe. That’s up to you. If you stay sat on your couch watching telly, then no. But if you join a dating app and go on dates, then maybe. Finding the right balance between a person’s self-determination and fate is a fascinating conversation all of its own. 

I can tell you if a relationship looks likely, if you’re assessing people realistically and if it’s a good time to make a commitment. I can see happy vibes ahead and I can see the bad times, too. And if you’re in a dark patch, I can let you know the timing of when the clouds will start to clear.


So next time you meet an astrologer, don’t be scared! Say hi, give them a wink and whisper, “I think your Mercury is trine my North Node.”

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