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Astrology is the art of understanding the universal energies and cycles that surround us then learning how to tap into them to create empowered and happy lives.

A basic astrological reading takes 60 minutes. We start with your natal chart (the planetary map at the moment you were born), delving into your psyche, exploring the contradictions and talents that make you a complex human. The natal chart is your personal ‘blueprint’ – fully understanding it is an exercise in radical self-acceptance. Accept the areas of your personality that frustrate you and recognise the talents that are still waiting to be unlocked. Understand your instinctive responses and your tendency to repeat behaviour.

We finish the session by forecasting your upcoming year, exploring the current planetary energies and how they’ll play out for you. Forecasting helps you to ride out life’s cycles, stretching during times of opportunity and finding grace and patience in the times of struggle.

In times of confusion, pain, inertia or opportunity, astrology can give you the clarity you need to take your next step.

An hour may be the key to unlocking your entire lifetime.

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What will you DO?

A ‘silent strength’ vibe permeates this week, with the Moon moving through Pisces on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. This emphasises the Balsamic Moon Phase with the Moon’s light fading, leaving us enveloped by the black night sky. This is wet energy, and the forecast here on the East Coast of OZ is reflecting that. Things step up onContinue reading “What will you DO?”

Can we fix it?

It’s ultimately a can-do vibe this week as dual configurations bring both ease and tension. While a harmonious Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune trines the Moon’s Nodes,  a much nastier combo of Mars and Uranus are squaring off. Hopefully these two influences balance each other and bring moderation, however it does feel a bit like a pendulum – thereContinue reading “Can we fix it?”

Full Moon Week

If this week’s stars were a celebrity, they would be J-Lo. There’s an interesting strong/soft accessible/inaccessible vibe to the planetary energies that has me humming “Jenny from the Block”. J-Lo seems to be the ultimate combo of illusion/effort/luck and POWER, all wrapped up in a glamorous ‘look at me’ energy that does’t grate or seemContinue reading “Full Moon Week”